Why Brake Repair Service at Mercedes-Benz of Atlantic City?

Because one of the most important safety features of your Mercedes-Benz is the braking system.

At Mercedes-Benz of Atlantic City, our Certified Service Technicians will not only diagnose any braking issues but will provide the best quality and precision when it comes to repairing them. Only Genuine Mercedes-Benz Brake Parts guarantee a precisely engineered fit and finish.

  • Our brake pads are designed specifically to fit perfectly on Mercedes-Benz vehicles, reducing slipping and virtually all brake noise*
  • Every detail of a Mercedes-Benz Genuine Part is engineered for endurance
  • Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts are essential components that drive the performance and longevity of your vehicle
*As compared with economy brake pads and based on brake test #LACT 502987, which measures the noise every times the brakes are applied.
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Mercedes-Benz brakes feature brake pads and rotors precisely engineered from metal compounds to safely transfer heat and provide superior strength. The result is outstanding deceleration and optimal teamwork between brakes and their electronic systems.
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Only Genuine Mercedes-Benz Brake Parts and Service guarantee performance

  • Best-in-class, certified Mercedes-Benz technicians: by only working on vehicles like yours, our Certified Technicians at Mercedes-Benz of Atlantic City have a better understanding of just what it takes to keep it running at peak performance.
  • Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts: engineered specifically for your Mercedes-Benz, the quality and craftsmanship that goes into our parts is the same that goes into our vehicles.
  • Service value you can trust: confidence and peace of mind behind the wheel is what you deserve as a Mercedes-Benz owner, and what you should expect when you put your trust in us.


Brake Pads

Factory Brake Pads vs. Aftermarket Brake Pads

Genuine Mercedes-Benz brake pads are made specifically for your Mercedes-Benz model and specifications. They have been tested by the manufacturer to perform best for the safety of your Mercedes-Benz. Aftermarket brake pads may be made of a harder, low-quality material, which will result in premature wear to the rotors, produce squeaks and squeals, and may not live up to the standards of stopping distance and safety that genuine factory parts provide. This could mean the difference between a close call and serious accident should they need to be put to the test.

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